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Intelligence Plug In Automatic Filter Circulating Cat and Dog Pet Water Dispenser

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Volume: 3L
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With Water Dispenser: Yes

Type: cats

Time Setting: No

Power Source: CHARGE

Origin: Mainland China

Min Output: 50g

Max Output: 300g

Material: Plastic

Product details

Circulating live water: The intelligent pet water dispenser adopts a circulating drinking water design, which can maintain fresh water quality and provide fresh drinking water for pets.

Quadruple filtration: Adopting multi-layer filters, including cotton core, activated carbon, ceramic filter, etc., can effectively remove odors, impurities, and residual chlorine, ensuring the safety of pet drinking water.

Silent design: Using a low-noise water pump and high-quality materials, the operation is quiet and will not affect the rest and sleep of pets and owners.

Easy to clean: Easy to disassemble and clean, the filter element and water pump can be separated for cleaning, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Multiple power supply methods: In addition to DC power supply, it also supports two methods: battery and USB charging, making it convenient for use in different occasions.

Adjustable water flow: Adjust the water flow freely according to the pet's drinking habits and needs.

Large capacity: The 2.5L large capacity can meet the needs of large dogs or multiple pets to drink water at the same time, making it convenient for owners to manage.

Usage method:

Open the water dispenser, lay the base of the pet water dispenser flat and secure it.

Place the water tank into the base, add clean water (recommended not to exceed 3/4), and confirm the sealing between the water tank and the base.

Connect the power supply and start the water dispenser. At this point, you will hear the sound of the motor, but the sound will not be very loud.

Pets can drink water at any time from the water dispenser, which has an automatic circulation filtration function to keep the water fresh.

When not in use for a long time, it is recommended to drain and clean the water in the water dispenser, and place it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the accumulation of water and the breeding of bacteria.

Matters needing attention

Before use, please carefully read the product manual to ensure the correct installation and use of the pet water dispenser.

Clean the water dispenser at least once a week to ensure the cleanliness of the water source and the health of pets.

Please regularly replace the filter to ensure that the water in the water dispenser is clean.

Do not place the pet water dispenser in direct sunlight to avoid affecting the pet's drinking experience.

Do not add other liquids or substances to the water dispenser to avoid affecting the health of pets and the lifespan of the water dispenser.

Do not let pets chew on pet water dispensers to avoid damaging the product and endangering pet safety.

Do not put too large ice cubes or overheated water in the pet water dispenser to avoid damaging the product.

Do not use hard or sharp objects to clean pet water dispensers to avoid scratching or damaging the product.

If there are any abnormalities or doubts, please stop using the pet water dispenser and contact after-sales customer service.


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