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INKBIRDPLUS Vacuum Sealer Machine with Seal Bags Starter Kit Dry/Moist/Pulse/Canister Sealing Modes Storing Food Kitchen Tools

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Warranty: 1 Year

Vacuum Pressure: -85 Kpa

Usage: Indoor

Usage: Keep Food Fresh and Live Healthy Lives

Theory: Temperature Controller

Style: Standing Station

Seal Length: Max 30cm

Product Name: INKBIRD INK-VS02 Vacuum Sealer

Power: (US Plug)110V-120v 60Hz;(EU/UK/AU Plug) AC 220~240v 50Hz

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: INKBIRD INK-VS02 Vacuum Sealer

Max Measuring Temperature: 49°C & Under

Material: Stainless Steel+ABS Shell

Is Smart Device: YES

Feature 3: Beautiful and Durable

Feature 2: -85kpa Efficient Vacuum Pump

Feature 1: Dry/Moist/Pulse/Canister 4 Sealing Modes

Display Type: DIGITAL

Display Size: 2.0 - 3.9 Inches

Color: Silver

Certification: CE

Brand Name: INKBIRD

INKBIRDPLUS INK-VS02 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Seal Bags and Starter Kit Dry/Moist/Pulse/Canister Four Sealing Modes Storing Food LED Indicator Light Low Noise 8X Longer Food Preservation


INKBIRDPLUS INK-VS02 vacuum sealer machine comes with seal bags and a starter kit for use, supports Dry/Moist/Pulse/Canister four sealing modes, and is suitable for all kinds of food preservation. With its help, we can keep food fresh for eight times longer than the traditional preservation methods. By storing food in a vacuum seal, we can keep our food fresh and live healthy lives.

Bullet Points

○8X Longer Preservation---INK-VS02 is proven to maintain the freshness of food eight times longer than traditional methods, preventing freezer burn, odors, food spoilage, and food waste. By storing food in a vacuum seal, we can store more food in the refrigerator and keep everything neat.

○4 Sealing Modes&Dry/Moist/Pulse/Canister---Dry Mode for dry food, Moist Mode for meat and fish, Pulse Mode for chips and bread, and Canister Mode for wine and other containers, all four sealing modes make the INK-VS02 a versatile vacuum sealer for all kinds of food.

○Built-In Cutter & Bag Chamber---INK-VS02 has a built-in cutter for us to make custom-sized bags and a roll bag chamber for storage, which is very convenient to use. Moreover, thanks to its large seal length of 30cm, we can vacuum seal more than one bag simultaneously, saving time and effort.

○-85kpa Efficient Vacuum Pump---INK-VS02 features an efficient vacuum pump of -85kpa and an excellent motor, besides an aluminum heat sink added to the seal place. With its help, we can vacuum seal the food within 20 seconds, which is fast and stable.

○Beautiful and Durable---INK-VS02 is a multifunctional vacuum sealer that adopts high-class ABS material and stainless steel face shell, which is beautiful and durable. In addition, the panel is equipped with an LED indicator, allowing us to check its status at a glance.

Main Features

High-class ABS material with stainless steel face shell, beautiful and durable

-85kpa high-efficiency vacuum pump and excellent motor, fast and stable vacuuming

Dry/Moist/Pulse/Canister four sealing modes, suitable for all kinds of food preservation

Built-in cutter and roll bag chamber for bag storage and cutting, convenient to use

30cm large sealing length, support for multiple bags to be sealed at the same time

LED indicator light on the panel makes every operation clearly visible

8X longer food preservation, keep your food fresh, keep your life healthy

Package Contents

1x Vacuum Sealer

1x User Manual

1x Roll-Up Bag (28*300cm)

5x Seal Bags (20x30cm)

1x Air Suction Hose

1x Heat-Resistant Tape

1x Cotton Seal

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