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Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes

Voltage (V): 220V

Use: Household

Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier

Timing Function: Yes

Shape: Classic Columnar

Power Type: A.C. Source

Power (W): 25W

Origin: Mainland China

Noise: <36db

Model Number: DEM-F500

Mist Outlet Quantity: One/a

Installation: Tabletop / Portable

Humidity Control: Knob

Humidifying Capacity: 280ml/h

Humidification Method: Mist Discharge

Function: Ultrasonic Sterilize

Deerma Model: DEM-F500

Classification: Humidification

Certification: ce

Capacity: 4.1-6L

Capacity: 5L

Brand Name: Deerma

Application: 21-30㎡

Bionic shell-type design

Enjoy the ocean-like moisture

Inspired by deep-sea shells, the top of the humidifier is designedwith bionic shells at the mist nozzle, just like the ocean provides water energy for the shells, the shell-type humidifier releases water energy fok you, allowing you to enjoy the oeean-like moisture.

Inspired by deep-sea shells, the top of the humidifier is designed with bionic shells at the mist nozzle, just like the ocean provides water energy for the shells, the shell-type humidifier releases the water energy for you, alldwing you to enjoy the ocean-like moisture.3-stage filteration of water and air

Every inch of water mist is clean and freshWith ABS bacteriostat water tank, Deerma shell-type humidifier provides a healthy humidification environment by cleaning water.

The optional silver-carbon ion water purification box can also be used for deep cleaning of water; the activated carbon filter screen can absorb impurities in the air to ensure fresh breath.ABS bacteriostat water tank

Clean water from the source

The water in the water tank is easily contaminated, and humidification with unclean water may cause adverse effects on the human body.

The shell-type humidifier with ABS bacteriostat water tank can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria greater than 99.9%*, not afraid of contamination for a long time, and keep the healthy humidification.

Activated carbon for absorbing foreign matters

Filtered air prevents internal pollution

The air inlet is equipped with an activated carbon filter screen, and its honeycomb-shaped meshes can block the entry of impurities and fine dust in the air and prevent the intemal pollution, thus keeping the water mist fresh.

The filter screen is washable and recyclable for long-lasting adsorption.

Color knob

Visible at a glanceInstead of conventional knobs, Deerma humidifier is designed with a shell-shape knob combined with ring light, always reminding you of the humidifier working status.

The blue light indicates normal operation, and the red light indicates the water shortage, which is clear at a glance.

Blue lamp Humidifying mode The lamp in blue color indicates that the humidifier is operating normally, and the light is soft and not dazzling.

Red lamp Water shortage reminder The lamp in red color indicates that the humidifier stops operating, prompting to fill water in time.

5L large capacityfor continuous humidification

The 5L large capacity of the shell-type humidifier isequivalent to 20 bottles of mineral water (250ml)*, and one refilling can keep continuous humidification for 16 hours*, saving the trouble of frequent refilling.

*The above data is provided by Deerma Laboratory. Continuous humidification for about 16 hours with the mist volume of 300ml/h.

300mL/h* micron-size mist Moisturizing from the pores into the heart

With millions of high-frequency ultrasonic oscillations per second, the shell-type humidifier atomizes liquid water into 1-5* micron-sized water mist, and the turbine fan sends out the uniform water mist continuously into the air at 300mL/h, easily reaching the basal layer and moisturizing the skin.

Enjoy an aromatherapy SPA care at home

Relax and enjoy a good weekendThe humidifier is provided with a built-in hidden aroma box, where you can add different essential oils as desired, and avoid the corrosion of the product parts due to direct addition into the water tank.

You can enjoy an aromatherapy SPA care at home on the weekend to relax yourself in the fragrance.

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