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Washing Mode: Do not wash

Size: TM05W

Power Type: Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Number of nozzles: 3 - 4 pcs

Model Number: TM05W

Item Type: Electric Shaver

Gender: Female

Brand Name: Deerma

Product Parameters

Product Name :Trimmer

Product Model :DEM-TM05W

Working Voltage:1.5V=

Working Power :3W

Waterproof Grade:IPX7

Product Size :173*28*28mm

Packing List:trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, razor, nose hair trimmer,eyebrow trimmer limit comb, razor limit comb, small hair brush, eyebrow trimmer cover, user manual

DEERMA Three-In-One Trimmer

Three-in-one blade design for multiple functions

Easy to trim and instantly clean

3+2 upgraded configuration

Multi-purpose design for overall hair removal

It is equipped with 3 kinds of blades and 2 limit combs as standard, which can be used to trim eyebrows and the hair of arms, nose and other parts, so that the whole body can be shaved easily.

Double-edged eyebrow trimmer

Shaping by trimming,easy and convenient

The long blade can outline the shapes, and the short blade can trim the details, which can carefully shave the messy eyebrows, and finally have the smooth eyebrows. Even novice can easily use it.

16.7mm long blade
,utline the eyebrow

6.2mm short blade
,Trim fine miscellaneous hairs

20mm narrow razor
,Flexible shaving of multiple parts

The thin and narrow blade design, coupled with double-layered blades, can accurately lock the hair to easily shave the hair on the arms, armpits and other body parts, so that you may enjoy a silky touch.

Round blade design
,Gently trim without damaging the skin

Obtuse angle blade is used for the outer layer of the eyebrow trimmer and the razor, and the sharp triangular blade is embedded in the inner layer. The blade is round and smooth, safe and comfortable to contact the skin, which can avoid scratching.

Round nose hair clipper 360° fit, easy for hair removal

The round blade is designed to fit the complex nasal cavity.Trim the long nose hair, cut and shave without pulling, and keep the nasal cavity clean and fresh.

Small body with great power High-frequency cutting and shaving for instant hair removal

Equipped with 7250 rpm * high-speed motor, it drives sharp blade to cut and shave at high frequency. Coarse and hard miscellaneous hairs can also be shaved at one time, and the whole body can be shaved easily.

IPX7 waterproof*dry and wet dual use Clean immediately without leaving any dirt

The razor is sealed and waterproof for dry and wet dual use, and can be also directly washed to clean the broken hair. It is clean and sanitary.

Small design for easy carrying
,which can be stored it in pocket

It is small and slim, which is easy to carry when traveling on business. You can trim your eyebrows and shave your hair at any time, and keep your fresh condition at all times.

Fine details bring comfortable experience
,Long and short eyebrow comb

Use with eyebrow trimmer.Two lengths of 2mm and 4mm, meeting different eyebrow trimming requirements.

Adjustable limit comb

Use with razor.2/4/6/8mm four-grade length adjustment, which is convenient to comb the excessively long hair and trim it to a proper length

Built-in battery compartment

With 5# alkaline dry battery*

convenient wireless use at anytime

When installing, please put the positive pole of the battery down into the compartment. Please take out the battery and place it properly when not in use for a long time.

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